now in print: The Lost Crew of the Volya IX


Meteor Mags: The Lost Crew of the Volya IX is a 20,000-word punk-rock science-fiction adventure now available in paperback and Kindle! Also Available for iBook and Nook Book.

Join Meteor Mags, Patches, and her pirate radio friend, the shotgun-toting Dr. Plutonian, as they confront the horror in a not-so-abandoned asteroid mine! Thrill to the savage combat of the alien mating ritual practiced by the invading dragons! Rock out as Patches takes over the digital turntables at an asteroid dive bar! Find out what Mags’ informant Kaufman takes with him on his last day at the Port Authority on Mars!

And cover your ears, because Mags and her crew are back—bigger, badder, and louder than ever!

About This Story:

The Lost Crew of the Volya IX begins on the night which ended the story Daughter of Lightning in the final pages of the Red Metal at Dawn collection.

A new amendment to the Musical Freedoms Act has placed Meteor Mags at the top of the list of the Solar System’s criminals. Inside the Port Authority, her informant Kaufman, Chief Administrator over all the Martian Warehousing Zone, has received orders to assist Mags’ enemies in planning a full-scale invasion of her club on Vesta 4.

But Mags has yet to hear this news.

As told in Daughter of Lightning, Mags’ friend Dr. Plutonian left Vesta 4 to find a place to hide a mysterious object he discovered in space. Mags believes the object came from the machinery that transformed her cat in Patches the Immortal. The object has displayed powers of incredible destructive force, and it broadcasts an unearthly music not just as sound but on electromagnetic spectra only Plutonian’s specialized equipment can record.

Meteor Mags and her friend Slim, who runs a strip club where Mags likes to dance and sell stolen cargo, have been working on the math for a revolutionary technology. Its details have remained a mystery… until now!

For the complete history of Meteor Mags and her crew leading up to this story,  see the collection Red Metal at Dawn and Other Tales of Interplanetary Piracy, available on Kindle and as a 400-page illustrated paperback. Also available for iBook and Nook Book.

Bonus Art: Tesla Takes a Catnap. Available as a print!

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Bonus Art: Kick It! Available as a Print!

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Asteroid Underground Guest Column: Meteor Mags, 2027

Patches of Protest

Music is treason
out here on the frontier
where the laws of men and gravity lie broken.

Music is treason,
freedom, fluid beats and rhymes
your thoughts no longer slaves to culture.

Music is treason.
Super-conducted by wild memory,
patches of protest bloom here and there like islands

in the saxophone bell.
In the subsonic pulse and cymbals.
They never left. They never do.