Here is Patches to present a list of every song and album mentioned in her stories, and a few that were only hinted at.

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The Secret Laboratory of Dr. Plutonian
Kyuss: Gardenia
Miles Davis: Bitches Brew
Also mentioned: Duke Ellington, UK punk 77-80, Negativland.

Old Enough
Raconteurs: Old Enough
Queens of the Stone Age: Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Slayer: Violent Pacification (originally by D.R.I.)
Misfits: Too Much Horror Business
Black Sabbath: Wizard
Exploited: Maggie You Cunt
Rose Tattoo: Rock and Roll Outlaw (covered by L.A. Guns, Nashville Pussy)

Mountain Lions Forever
Mensen: Delusions of Grandeur
Ella Fitzgerald: Angel Eyes (by Dennis & Brent)

Patches the Immortal
Tarzi’s favorite band is Swans. For example, Swans: The Seer

The Weight of the Universe
Dave Brubeck Quartet: Take Five
John Coltrane Quartet: Om; Afro Blue; A Love Supreme
John Coltrane and Rashied Ali: Interstellar Space

The Western Route
“Freakbeat singles”. For example, Easy Beats: Sorry; Poets: That’s the Way It’s Got to Be
International Noise Conspiracy: Armed Love
Pearl Jam: Ten (specifically, Deep)
Mother Love Bone: Apple

Red Metal at Dawn
Porcupine Tree: Trains
Stone Roses: Breaking into Heaven
Nirvana: Bleach
Blue Oyster Cult: R U Ready 2 Rock
International Noise Conspiracy: Smash It Up
Steel Panther: The Shocker
International Noise Conspiracy: Black Mask
Kelly Clarkson: Invincible
Clutch: Immortal
Def Leppard: High and Dry
The Cult: Electric
International Noise Conspiracy: A New Morning
Slayer: Gemini
Led Zeppelin: Good Times Bad Times
Revolution Mother: Burning from Inside
Smashing Pumpkins: Window Paine
Joe Bonamassa: Oh, Beautiful
Bikini Kill: Rebel Girl
L7: Fast and Frightening

Daughter of Lightning
Kyuss: Son of a Bitch
“Faster than a Kerry King guitar solo”. For example, Slayer: Tormentor
Deftones: Diamond Eyes
“every Electric Moon album”. For example, Flaming Lake, D Tune, Inferno

The Lost Crew of the Volya IX
MC Pooh: Sex Money and Murder
Medeski Martin & Wood featuring Guru: Whatever Happened to Gus?
Unida: Red
implied but not named: Unida: Human Tornado

Blind Alley Blues
Arsenal featuring John Garcia: Diggin’ a Hole
Whalerider: Thanatos
Bongripper: People Mover
Orange Goblin: Time Traveling Blues

Voyage of the Calico Tigress
Megadeth: Symphony of Destruction
MC Pooh: Life of a Criminal
Ice Cube featuring Mack 10: Hoo Bangin’
Sonic Youth: 100%
The Orwells: They Put the Body in the Bayou
“Petition their goddesses with prayer” refers to The Doors: Soft Parade
Snail: Galaxies’ Lament
Swans: The Glowing Man
Radio Birdman: Radios Appear
Screaming Trees: Freedom (originally by Buffalo)

Hang My Body on the Pier
“sounded like a Clouds Taste Satanic album”. For example, Clouds Taste Satanic: Your Doom Has Come.
“with Kodo as the drum section”. For example, Kodo: The Best of Kodo
“if Kathleen Hanna”. For example, Bikini Kill: Pussy Whipped
“had covered Slayer”. For example, Slayer: Reign in Blood

Rings of Ceres

Jam Room
Ted Nugent: Stranglehold
“his father’s illegal Sonic Youth records”. For example, Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation.

The Battle of Vesta 4
Hell Camino: Hell Camino
Sumac. For example, Sumac: Rigid Man.
BongRipper. For example, BongRipper: Descent.
Elvin Jones. For example, John Coltrane Quartet: Crescent.
Rashied Ali. For example, Rashied Ali Quartet: New Directions in Modern Music.
Deftones: Diamond Eyes
Swans: Glowing Man (formerly Black Hole Man)
Graham Day and the Gaolers: Triple Distilled
“favorite songs by Narla”. For example, NARLA: In a Whole
Flogging Molly: The Queen Anne’s Revenge
“soft opening of a Chopin nocturne”. For example, Frederic Chopin: Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1 in B flat minor.
U2: Van Diemen’s Land

Hunted to Extinction