letter to great-gramma

Dear Great-Gramma,

I love you! Things have been so crazy here, and I want to tell you all about it. First off, Patches and I got our minds merged with a telepathic space kraken a couple months ago. Then we helped hatch her babies. They are so cute!

On the way home, we ran into some creeps, and I killed the fuck out of them. Like, big time. I never saw an entire spaceship go out like that before! To make a long story short, Patches and Tarzi helped rescue some young ladies from a horrible fate, and I got to keep a few bad-ass weapons from an abandoned cyber-genetics lab.

Something’s not right about them, though. Tarzi’s cybernetic seahorse was nice enough and basically saved the day before he blew up, bless his little heart. But my electric eels and I sort of—okay. One thing led to another, and they made this maniacal killer cyborg out of my DNA.

It was totally heinous, Great-Gramma. I am so fucking traumatized over here! Can you even imagine?

Anyway, I killed that thing, too, and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the scrap. But it fucked up Patches. Then Donny and Fuzzlow jumpstarted her with a shit-load of electricity, and she was like, “What? I’m totally fine.”

You should see her go. She’ll probably outlive my cranky old arse.

After hacking my eels to pieces, I ended up with one last crate of these freaky genetic experiments, and I might have sort of forgotten to mention it to anyone at the club. But that third crate has a real doozy in it. No, I didn’t even open it for Tarzi on the asteroid where we found it. It’s been a couple months, and I doubt anyone even remembers it.

I’m thinking it might be our little secret. Just you and me.

Like I said, I’ve got these baby octopuses to feed now, and—sorry, Great-Gramma. Celina says we’re almost home.

I miss you, and I can’t wait to see you again.


Yours Always,




patches in the tank

Patches In The Immortality Machine, by Matthew Howard

From Patches the Immortal.

This illustration appears in the paperback edition of the Meteor Mags Omnibus.


violence and the state

This article appears in the Meteor Mags Omnibus Edition.


The state must maintain its monopoly on violence, else it fails to be a state and will shrivel and die. This monopoly on violence is not a thing to be considered apart from the state, for it is indistinguishable from the state and is the very essence of it. Any violence on the part of individual citizens or non-state groups is antithetical to the monopoly, and thereby constitutes treason in its simplest form.

This does not mean all traitors share a common goal or even common values. All violence is treason, but the treasonous are not unified, and often commit violence upon other traitors. They are only unified in the eyes of the state, which is less concerned with the sociological origins of violence, and even less so its merits and flaws. The state is only concerned with maintaining its monopoly, and it will use violence to keep it.

All unsanctioned outbursts of aggression threaten the state’s monopoly. The child who kicks over the rubbish bin commits treason, as the burglar commits treason, and the barroom brawler commits treason. All must be suppressed though conditioning, punishment, and the channeling of aggression into state-sanctioned outlets.

This constant threat to the monopoly creates a pressure which the state must sometimes crush and other times release through tightly controlled channels. All which is fully controlled exists fully within the state’s monopoly and is part and parcel of the state. The state seeks integration of all uncontrolled non-state reality. Anything outside the state’s control, it will eventually seek to control.

Such control is the opposite of liberty to anyone but the state itself, which has full liberty, which is a pure liberty to do absolutely anything in the pursuit of its own perpetuation. Thus the traitor must stand for something, for she surely stands against the entire might of the state. History will be the final judge of her character, though the state may well prove to be her executioner.

Unify and organize now.

Meteor Mags