doctor p

dr plutonian portrait - small copy.jpg

Portrait of Dr. Plutonian, the shotgun-toting pirate-radio co-star of such epic adventures as The Secret Laboratory of Dr. Plutonian, The Western Route. and The Lost Crew of the Volya IX.

shout out to my octos

octopus sketch

shark armada

meteor mags character sketches_mags30

Meteor Mags and her space shark armada fly the jolly roger to stake a claim on yet another asteroid in this black and white drawing created with Micron 05 and 01 fine point pens, Sharpie chisel-tip marker, and white gel pen.

And just look what a lovely duvet cover it makes! LOL. If that doesn’t give you weird dreams at night, I don’t know what will.

my desert eagles

Ahoy, sailors of the spaceways! Mags here, ya little freaks. So there’s a reason I stock all kinds of vintage 20th century weapons aboard The Queen Anne. Ever since laser pistols became about as cheap and easy to manufacture as a phone, most body armor is made to protect from lasers. That’s nice for you and all, but what good is that against an old-fashioned armor-piercing bullet?

Manufactured on Mars to my personal specs, my little eagles have got us out of a jam more than once. Patches hates the sound of gunfire, but if we get to the point where I gotta pull out the .50 cal, then a little noise is the least of our concern!

mags custom desert eagle 50 - Copy


meteor mags character sketches_mags27

Ahoy, freaks! One of these days, we will get a breathable atmosphere in this joint. Until then, I’m NOT going dancing without my trusty biohazard mask. Cue the spotlights!
~ ❤ ~

at the harp

meteor mags character sketches_mags19

The harp is such a lovely instrument. We used to have one at my gramma’s place in France. I never got very good at it, but it was always fun to play. It’s sort of like a piano in that all the notes are there, anyone can find something pretty on it… and it’s a real bitch to carry around! ❤ Mags