Matthew Howard was cleared of all charges related to the uprising on Gelnikov 14. Passport Command subsequently reinstated his license for interplanetary travel. Later investigations revealed he served as Chief Minister of Propaganda from 2014–2017 for Margareta’s Alliance for Gravitational Studies .

He failed to report for census following the passage of the Musical Freedoms Act. He remains on the list of suspected fugitives in the Asteroid Belt, possibly using several aliases which are under current investigation by the Port Authority.

Please see his complete file for a list of identifying marks, prior residences, and known associates.


Are we to believe you had absolutely no involvement in the Gelnikov 14 rebellion? Despite the video evidence and the—

Next question.

What about the documents showing you were Chief Minister of Propaganda for—

No comment. Next.

We think people deserve to know.

I said no comment. Next.

Do you think it’s a good idea for people, even teenagers, to go into space and shoot semi-automatic rifles and smoke cigarettes? And steal things?

I think if that were even remotely possible, then maybe you should try it a couple times.

So you’re advocating—

Listen. I’m not advocating anything. Except maybe cranking up the tunes to an unreasonable volume and making art. My characters have opinions, and they express them. It may be worth pointing out they are all criminals, and you can’t actually find a “good guy” in the stories, and maybe there’s a lesson in that somewhere. But mostly it’s just a tale about these maniacs rampaging through the asteroid belt and several hundred years of history.

But there’s a political agenda in the Meteor Mags stories, and it—

Okay, hold on. There are multiple political agendas, and they come into conflict. Politics are just part of the world, the characters’ world, and you’ll find the—

But it isn’t just part of the world. This work shows all kinds of biases, from what the narrator presents as fact to what the characters—

Fine. FINE! There’s a huge agenda, and all the characters are in on it, and no living being should read these stories without putting on their tinfoil hat. In fact, just don’t let the books near any sort of animal or vegetable life form.

So you’re saying there’s a definite political message?

No comment. Next question?