the invidious name of pyrates

In throwing off the Yoak of Tyranny of which the Action spoke an Abhorrence, he hoped none would follow the Example of Tyrants and turn his Back upon Justice; for when Equity was trodden under Foot, Misery, Confusion, and mutual Distrust naturally followed.

…He was satisfy’d Men who were born and bred in Slavery by which their Spirits were broke, and were incapable of so generous a Way of thinking, who, ignorant of their Birth-Right and the Sweets of Liberty, dance to the Musick of their Chains, which was, indeed, the greater Part of the Inhabitants of the Globe, would brand this generous Crew with the invidious Name of Pyrates, and think it meritorious to be instrumental in their Destruction.

—Daniel Defoe; “Of Captain Mission,” The History of the Pyrates Volume II, 1728