Meet Meteor Mags

mags 35v2 - 5x7crop - Small Copy
She’s not your average psychopathic revolutionary stripper with a cat that can’t be killed. She also has a kick-ass band that rocks the Asteroid Belt, and a telepathic space octopus!

With an endless thirst for rum and enough bullets to murder the Solar System, Meteor Mags and the Psycho 78s will drag you kicking and screaming to the ultimate rock-and-roll space pirate adventure!

Join them as they battle cyborgs, space lizards, and the forces of law and order! Most of all, cover your bloody ears, because Mags and her killer crew are taking the System by storm—and they’ve got the volume cranked all the way up!

See the Books page for Meteor Mags stories currently in print and ebook formats.